Presentation to Scannappeal

Wed 4th March 2020 at 12.00 am - 12.00 am

Lisa Trivett receives a cheque for £6188.00

We had the pleasure of presenting a large cheque - £6188.00 to Scannappeal’s director Lisa Trivett; she was utterly delighted and thanked us for our efforts at the Golf Day and Christmas collections.

Lisa went on to say that Scannappeal had been set a real challenge last year, to raise £1.5m for two new state of the art all singing dancing MRI scanners, one for High Wycombe Hospital and one for Stoke Mandeville Hospital.  These new scanners are bigger, ie they have a bigger bore, so are less claustrophobic for patients, the workings are quieter, the procedure quicker and the resulting images unbelievably detailed, all benefitting diagnosis much more accurately.  The first machine has already been installed at Wycombe and will very shortly be operational and the second is due to be installed at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in September.  I think we all deserve a big pat on our backs for helping to contribute to these machines, the first in the country, we really are ‘helping to make a difference’.