/ supports Bwengu Projects Malawi

Over a number of years, The Rotary Club of Southam 2000 has been supporting Bwengu Projects Malawi, a locally run charity, who run numerous projects to improve education in schools in rural northern Malawi

Our most recent donation, supplemented by a Rotary District Grant,  has supplied a “Whole class teaching kit” to 3 different schools in very rural villages, where electricity supplies have only recently been provided. These kits consist of an LED projector and android tablet containing the entire Malawi junior and secondary school curriculum, provided by Malawi teachers. Lessons are available at the touch of a button on the tablet and can be projected onto a wall so that all children can both see and hear the lessons.
One of the volunteers has said “Kids seeing a video for the first time ever. Seeing the moon and earth for the first time. A teacher asked me was that the sun? Priceless moment in my life” 

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