COVID -19 & Rotary Becket

The Club has had to adapt its activities following recent developments of the virus

With effect from18th March Rotary Becket has decided to suspend, until further notice, meetings in person and will be holding on-line conference sessions in the place of their usual Wednesday Breakfast Meetings at Overstone Park Resort.  Many social and fundraising are also being re-scheduled.  

Members are asked to  think of each other at this uncertain time.  When going shopping check with your neighbours first to see if they need anything.  It is becoming incredibly hard to book home delivery slots with the supermarket so we, as neighbours, need to take up the slack. 

With the current advise it will not just be our elderly community but anyone in our communities that may need to self-isolate.

This virus does not discriminate against sex, race or ethnicity so our help should not. 

There are many ways that we can help each other. 

  • dog walking
  • shopping
  • phone calls
  • dropping newspapers off
  • checking in on the elderly or those that do not have family nearby
    If you need to stay inside PLEASE do.  No one will judge you.  We all need to stick together to support one another.

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