Citizen of the Year

The recipient of this year's Citizen of the Year is Mrs. Marjorie Newton. This is an annual award given to a worthy resident of Sandbach for her/his dedicated service to local, national and international communities.

On 11th March Marjorie Newton was made Citizen of the Year by our Club

In giving the citation Rtn Keith Ludlam said that Mrs Newton is known by many people in Sandbach as the Poppy Appeal Organiser, something she has been since 1998. Proceeds from the appeal in Sandbach in 1998 were £8,000 rising to over £26,000 in 2019. The total amount rasied over those years is approximately £500,000.


Rtn Ludlam went on to say that besides organising all aspects of the collection she is responsible for organising the Remembrance Parade and Service, a large undertaking, and for various other connected things like the Poppy Ball and the Awards Evening. She has been Chairman of the Sandbach branch of the Royal British Legion for the past 18 years and for her hard work and dedication has been awarded the Royal British Legion Gold Badge.


In 2003 Mrs Newton was the co-author of "The Men Who Marched Away" which gives details of all those who died in the two world wars in Sandbach and District.


She is also the treasurer and membership secretary of the local NSPCC luncheon club, a group which has raised over £42,000 for the charity.


For the VE Day commemoration in this May Mrs Newton will be organising a parade and service at the Sandbach war memorial, attended by servicemen of the Mercian Regiment and their mascot.


In receiving a commemorative plate from the President of the Rotary Club, Rtn Richard Hovey, Mrs Newton said that she was very pleased and greatly surprised to receive the award and thanked members for nominating her. She said in receiving it that she wanted to pay tribute to all those who gave generously of their time in assisting with the collections for the Poppy Appeal.

Rtn. John Higgins (Publicity Officer)