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Answers to Minsters 2020 quiz



I am pleased to report that Peterborough Minster Rotary Club’s Quirky Quiz will have raised £400 for us to spend on charities that we support. I received 74 completed forms back and nine of them were all correct. The winner, Joan Tiplady from Peterborough, was selected randomly over the telephone by our President Redouane Abou-Hilal. I can report that no social interaction occurred in this process, in these Corona 19 affected strange times.

I was impressed by the number of forms I received back, around 18% of the forms sold. The majority of these forms were close to being all correct.

There were only 9 forms that had all the answers correct and correctly spelled with the right number of letters in each name.

Clue 16 Popeye’s squeeze caused the most problems with Olive Oyl being spelled as Oil. Clue 31 Hurry, thick slices of meat led some to think it was Fast Food, which was creative but not quite right. I was looking for Chop Chop.

Clue 26 answer Meghan Markle and Clue 47 Brigitte Bardot also caused a few problems in the spelling department.

Many thanks to all entrants who exercised their brains and for your intelligent responses that made marking the quiz an enjoyable task. Many thanks to Colin Moore who did all the printing free of charge and my fellow Rotarians and friends who sold the quizzes. 

Keep on quizzing Brian

1 Jess the cat’s owner (7,3)                    Postman Pat

2 Walking stick clown (7,7)                         Charlie Chaplin

3 Trigger’s rider (3,6)                                         Roy Rogers

4 Chocolate factory owner (5,5)                 Willy Wonka

5 Actor president (6,6)                                 Ronald Reagen

6 Three times Grand National winner (3,3) Red Rum

7 Pickled pepper eater (5,5)                         Peter Piper

8 Cow pie eater (9,3)                                         Desperate Dan

9 Scott’s Scottish hero (3,3)                         Rob Roy

10 Deadwood stage singer (5,3)                         Doris Day

11 Flash Gordon actor and Everest Climber (5,7) Brian Blessed

12 Liquorice man (6,7)                                         Bertie Bassett

13 Trust me I’m a Doctor, doctor (7,6)                  Michael Mosley

14 Eastenders super villain (5,3)                         Dirty Den

15 Married to Brian Forbes (7,6)                         Nanette Newman

16 Popeye’s squeeze (5,3)                                 Olive Oyl

17 Gerald Harper’s Edwardian adventurer (4,7) Adam Adamant

18 Hello Playmates comedian (6,5)                 Arthur Askey

19 Spicy porcine ,George’s sister (5,3)         Peppa Pig

20 She sells cockles and mussels (5,6)         Molly Malone

21 No Milk Today pop group (7,7)                 Herman’s Hermits

22 Float like a butterfly boxer (7,4)                 Cassius Clay

23 Jonathan Routh could be watching you (6,6) Candid Camera

24 A Little Night Music composer (7,8)         Stephen Sondheim

25 2006 X Factor winner (5,5)                         Leona Lewis

26 Duchess of Sussex (6,6)                                 Meghan Markle

27 TV AM rodent (6,3)                                         Roland Rat

28 Arnie’s much shorter twin ( 5,6)                 Danny DeVito

29 Fallen Madonna with the big boobies show (4,4) Allo Allo

30 Fay Wray famous film (4,4)                        King Kong

31 Hurry, thick slices of meat (4,4)                Chop Chop

32 Some like it Hot actress (7,6)                        Marilyn Monroe

33 Footballer nicknamed Zizou  (8,6)                Zinedine Zidane

34 Top of the Pops dancers (4,6)                Pan’s People

35 Greyfriars big eater (5,6)                        Billy Bunter

36 Husky voiced Carry on Screaming star (7,8) Fenella Fielding

37 Huey,Dewey and Louie’s uncle (6,4)       Donald Duck

38 Hawkeye M*A*S*H star (4,4)                       Alan Alda

39 Cotton’s rise and shine call (5,5)               Wakey Wakey

40 Brighton Rock author (6,6)                       GrahamGreene

41 Bedrock resident (4,10)                               Fred Flintstone

42 Everly Brothers hit (6,5)                               Cathy’s Clown

43 Looney Tunes rabbit (4,5)                       Bugs Bunny

44 TW3 signature tune singer (9,6)               Millicent Martin

45 Rocky Balboa actor (9,8)                       Sylvester Stallone

46 Skegness holiday camp owner (5,6)       Billy Butlin

47 French sex symbol of 50s and 60s (8,6)       Brigitte Bardot

48 Steamboat Willie star (6,5)                       Mickey Mouse

49 Peter Brough’s puppet (6,7)                       Archie Andrews

50 Swedish actress star of Camille (5,5)       Greta Garbo

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