Fifth Thursday meeting on a Friday - conference call meeting from home.

Fri, May 1st 2020 at 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

Weekly meeting - Conference call.

First Rotary Club of Dunmow meeting, held in Foakes Hall circa 1948,

Rotary Club of Dunmow take a trip down memory lane.

As is tradition when there are five Thursdays in a month, as in April this year, the weekly meeting is held on the Friday evening of that week, to which partners and friends are invited.

The meeting saw a total of 39 members, partners & friends joining on a Zoom meeting.  The event included a trip down memory lane with a slideshow of pictures from club visits to France and other activities in recent years.  In addition, the slideshow included a picture of the first Rotary Club of Dunmow meeting, held in Foakes Hall circa 1948, picture shown above.

'What We Do' Main Pages:

Willie Fraser, President (2019/20) of the Rotary Club of Dunmow, presenting a donation of 1,000 face masks to the Redbond Care Home manager Sam Dearlove.

The Community Service Committee is responsible for organising events to give direct service to the community OR to raise funds for community groups and charities. Examples include: Father Christmas collections & Community Concerts.


Rotary Youth Competitions 2022/23 Young Artist, Young Environmentalist, Young Filmmaker, Young Musician, Young Photographer, Young Writer and Youth Speaks.

Monthly Newsletter

A monthly newsletter to update everyone on Dunmow Rotary activities.

Class winners from the 2020/21 competitions

The Youth and Vocational Committee organises competitions for young people, with prizes awarded at the end of the year. It supports local schools with vocational and enterprise opportunities.

Kragero & Dunmow Rotary Club members enjoying a meal together on the visit to Kragero, Norway.

The international Service Committee is responsible for our international service, including raising funds for International Charities and Foundation. It organises member's visits and exchange programmes.

The Victorious Dunmow Rotary 2021/22 Bowls Team.

Our club takes part in sporting competitions with other local Rotary clubs. This time featuring the Victorious Dunmow Rotary 2021/22 Bowls Team.