CLUB LOCKDOWN and what are we doing?

The first online meeting took the decision to record individuals and Club activities including meetings, events and stories from individuals and decisions taken by Club under lockdown. Scroll down below thumbnails for further information.

Cardiff East Rotary AGM - Online 17th June 2020

Cardiff East Rotary held its first online AGM, where President Paul thanked his team leaders for all their hard work over the last year. Despite the Covid-19 restrictions over the last year the Club had contributed 2,900 hours of service to the community, 15 speakers came to our meetings, 17 projects were delivered and members went to over 10 social events. If you want to join email

The Online AGM Attendees 

A Poem:

Lockdown 2020

And can it be another day behind the same four walls

Oh yes, I have a garden and that can be sublime

But I must find a challenge or else my spirit falls

So I sit here in Spring this year and try to write in rhyme.

I’ve heard the news today of course, like yesterday the same

Mostly it’s opinion of who said what and why

And when and if and who else can we blame

But the greatest tragedy of all is that so many die.

Our people at the sharp end are short of much we fear

Countries all around the world want most of what we’re asking

A momentary thought so stark emerges oh so clear

The country that once showed the world now hardly makes a thing.

We can have a family quiz with video on the phone

Or “Zoom” together with our colleagues on meetings we would miss

And dream of normal times again in Club or in the home

When we’ll be all together and even hug and kiss.

So what end to this virus around the world and rife

Probably not in answers alluded to by Trump

We need to have a vaccine to restore our way of life

Not injecting disinfectant with needle or a pump.

All those little jobs that we’ve looked at far too long

So everything at home’s now done with a finish to amaze

We never found the time before ‘cos we had something on

Now we survey the perfect scene and cancelled holidays.

Exercise by walking can be soothing, sometimes bracing

In quiet lanes or woods, stepping briskly even better

All good people that I see observing social spacing

Having some idea of what it means to be a leper.

Could my thinking suffer, developing a flaw

I briefly saw a lesson from this virus we so hate

For a moment just dismiss its propensity for war

It embraces all mankind and does not discriminate.

One other thought will linger when I think upon this time

When everything was quiet from our homes and all about

I’ll remember how succinctly it was put into a rhyme

We lived in Max Boyce country “when just the tide went out”.

Neil L

May 2020

                                             A Cry for Peace around the World

                                                         Oyez, Oyez, Oyez

                        Please join this cry for Peace, that you now hear from me.

                  Remember men & women, old & young, who died to make us free.

                             The women left at home did not just sit and wait.

                        They toiled in harsh conditions before dawn to very late.

                Factories, farms, other essential jobs, the women were quick at learning.

                         They worked, some died, to keep the home fires burning.

                As we remember this special day, do not forget that every day someone needs your aid,

                                    Do not put away your poppies, letting your memories fade.

                        Celebrate with the knowledge that the V E Day is also a time to remember,

                                      Beyond the solemn wreaths of the 11th November.

                    Let's thank all those who have gone before, with their colours proudly unfurled.

                                        Join us as united we say, " Peace to the World".

                                                           God Save the Queen


                                                        Tribute to the Millions

                                         Let us remember those who so selflessly gave

                                              their lives at home and abroad, whose

                                                   sacrifice enables us to enjoy the

                                                 peace and freedom we have today.

                                           Let us remember those who came home

                                            wounded, physically and mentally, and

                                          the friends and family who cared for them.

                                            Let us remember those who returned to

                                              restore their relationships and rebuild

                                           their working lives after years of dreadful

                                                           conflict and turmoil.

                                             Let us remember the families that lost

                                                 husbands, sons and sweethearts.

                                    Let us remember the servicemen, merchant seaman,

                                                miners, brave civilians and others from

                                                  Commonwealth and Allied countries

                                 who fought, suffered and died during several years of war.

                                          Let us remember those in reserved occupation

                                                           and the brave people who

                                                  kept us safe on the home front - the

                                     doctors and nurses who cared for the wounded,

                                         the women and men who toiled in the fields,

                                                  those who worked in the factories,

                                                     who all played such a vital role

                                                          in the war effort at home.

                         Continue our Celebrations with a 1 minute silence at 11am on 8th May

Paul Gregory - Community Team Lead Cardiff East Rotary