Christmas Sleigh

Wed, Dec 22nd 2021 at 5:15 pm - 8:00 pm

Route details

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Wednesday 22nd December

Brief description of route:

Lexden Drive, Barn Rise, Queensway, Maple Fields, Barn Close, Coxwell Close, Raymond Close

More details: 

Please note that the details of the route may vary according to circumstances on the evening.


5.15 Lexden Drive
  Sovereign Close
  Jubilee Gardens
  Pitt Drive
  Barn Rise, taking in:
  - Belvedere Gardens
  - Argent Close
  - Queensway
  - Monarch Gardens
  - Maple Fields
  - Sandringham Close
  - Balmoral Close
  Barn Rise down to Quarry Lane, taking in:
  - Coxwell Close
  - Barn Close
  - Raymond Close
  - The Peverells
  Finish about 8.00 pm

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Map of route

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