Fleet Rotary's newest member inducted during the April Council meeting, held over Zoom

Rotarian Mark Bowen

Fleet Rotary inducts new Rotarian Mark Bowen over Zoom during the lockdown. Surely a first? 

The Fleet club were approached by a potential new member, Mark Bowen, in early March before Corona 19 avoidance measures became an every day part of our lives. The club had already adopted Zoom as a means of continuing fellowship and carrying on Rotary business as far as possible.  

Unusual times call for novel approaches of doing things. Thus it was arranged for Mark to be inducted during a ‘Zoomed’ Council meeting on 2 April. Surely this must be the first such induction and should perhaps be recorded as such?  President John Johnstone said, ’We are delighted to welcome Mark to Fleet Rotary and the wider rotary community and look forward to the time when we all return to normal. We were all impressed when at his very first meeting of Fleet Rotary he volunteered to help with our Stroke Awareness day (which of course is now sadly cancelled). 


When asked to respond, new Rotarian Mark Bowen replied’  I’m originally from South Africa where my mother was a keen Rotarian. I moved to UK after graduating from Rhodes university in South Africa. I spent over 14 years in the corporate banking industry in London and Hong Kong I’m married to Veronica , who holds both Hong Kong and Canadian citizenship. We have a little girl, Imogen, who is 2 ½ - and already rules the house!  We moved back to UK in October 2018. I love travelling (and flying!) and was very fortunate during my time in Hong Kong to do a lot of travelling, including to places sometimes described as exotic bucket list locations. I’m a PADI qualified rescue diver and have been diving at a number of great locations around the world.  One day soon when time and money permits, I plan on getting my personal pilots license – I love planes and flying, so very much look forward to being able to take to the skies under my own control. 

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