Community Activities/ Plant Sale

Annual Plant Sale with a typically Wirksworth lockdown twist is a huge success!

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For many years the Wirksworth Rotary Club has run a plant sale in May to raise money for local good causes. A few years ago we teamed up with the Transition Wirksworth Community Growers in order to expand our offering to include vegetables and herbs as well as traditional bedding plants and perennials.

This collaboration has proved to be a great success and we were looking toward to holding this year’s plant sale on 8th May when we were to be also to be joined by the U3A Gardening Group. But everything changed as the Covid-19 virus started to spread across the world culminating in mid-March when the Government placed the whole country into lockdown.

As seasoned plants people, we had all our seeds and seedlings overwintering in greenhouses and on windowsills across  the area and the idea of throwing all these young plants and seedlings onto the compost heap was unthinkable.  We all agreed that the sale MUST GO ON, the big question was how to make it happen without breaching lockdown and social distancing guidelines. From these discussions the virtual plant sale was born.

Lists and the descriptions of all plants were collected from our wonderful team of growers within the U3A, the Community Growers and the Rotary Club and using social media platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook and group/club websites, as well as church notices, and public noticeboards, we started to spread the word. Timed pick up of orders were scheduled at a number of locations around Wirksworth and for shielded customers, and those in self isolation, we arranged personal deliveries.

In view of these strange times and the difficulties which some people within our community are experiencing as a result of the shutdown of many enterprises, it was agreed that all funds raised would be donated to the Jigsaw Foodbank.

As a result of this great innovation and the fantastic support of so many people in Wirksworth and the surrounding villages, we raised over £2,900 for Jigsaw - a fantastic achievement and probably the largest amount we have ever raised in our annual plant sale!