Raising Funds for PPE for Saint Francis Hospice

The main part of our campaign is over - have a look and see how well we did.

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Our 18 day campaign finished on Friday, 26th June 2020.  We are still waiting to receive final figures but you raised in excess of £8000.00.  In view of our success the campaign will remain open so if anyone you know still wishes to donate they can do so just click the link below.


This is what Saint Francis said

“Thank you so much for your support.  What a fantastic achievement by everyone involved.  On behalf of everyone at the hospice, we are so grateful for your support at this much needed time.

 The hospice has supported nearly 1000 patients living with a terminal illness during lockdown period so far and their families and loved ones have been supported too.  Your fundraising will continue to make it possible for that care to be provided safely to and make it possible for patients on our ward to have visits by their family and loved ones (as we have done so throughout COVID 19) through the well managed use of PPE. 

 Local people facing the end of life have not been cared for alone and those who have died, have not died alone.  Your support has helped and will help make this happen as more people receive care through this pandemic.  Thank you!”

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