Our Community during Covid 19 Pandemic

Dronfield and Covid 19

During the Covid 19 Lockdown our Club have supported our Community

Donated a large fridge to The Oaks (Restore Food Bank) and made a cash donation for food supplies

the Food Bank have been made part of Rotary 4 Food Banks an initiative of Rotary District 1220 which our Club is part of. This enables them to receive food at a greatly reduced cost

We donated a large quantity of 100% cotton material and elastic to Dronfield Mask Makers aka Shelagh's Sewing Circle. They have made over 8000 masks for NHS and Care Workers across Dronfield, Derbyshire & South Yorkshire

Financially supported the initiative of Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School Tech Dept as they made Polycarbonate face shields for the NHS

Donated material to Soft Options for their iniative to make scrubs and wash bags for the NHS

A local Shoe Shop had a flood and had many Childrens shoes to get rid of. They were donated to our Club. We sorted them and donations were made to The Oaks (Restore Food Bank) and a large numberwere taken to Shoe Aid UK .

A member started a group on Social Media 'Dronfield Knitters for the Homeless' during lockdown. The group now has over 40 members and we will be helpin The Cathedral Archer Project in Sheffield and Pathways in Chesterfield

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