International Services 2019 - 20

This is a summary of what we did internationally in Jane and Maggie's year.

The main focus of International activity this year has been continued support for students in Nepal through the Fishtail Project, disaster response through Shelterbox, contribution to Rotary’s International charity The Rotary Foundation and a major project for the construction of Girls Latrines at 2 Schools in Uganda together with provision of Solar Lamps for needy families again in Uganda. We also continued our support for the Rotary International Polio Plus programme with the planting of several thousand crocus corms at a site in Radcliffe on Trent. 

1.  Fishtail Fund -  The Fishtail Fund is a Rotary run project aimed at providing education for the children of needy families in Nepal. State funded education in Nepal ceases at age 12 so children from the many poor families are not able to continue with their education. Fishtail Fund Students are supported in their secondary education until age 16 and beyond for capable students.Our Club has supported 2 students for several years who are both doing well and are expected to progress to tertiary education.

2. Natural Disaster Relief - We have donated £500 to Shelterbox in response to the devastation in The Bahamas caused by Hurricane Dorian.

3. The Rotary Foundation - We have contributed £1000 to the Rotary International charity this year. 

4. Uganda - For several years our club has been engaged in the support of orphaned and vulnerable children in rural Uganda through Child Aid Uganda a not for profit NGO.Due to the absence of electricity supply in rural areas families rely on kerosene lamps to light their homes. The provision of solar lamps removes the need to purchase and use kerosene, improving the environment in homes and allowing children to continue their schooling at home.Our club has purchased and distributed 40 solar lamps this year.  Another great challenge is to keep girls in school as they reach puberty. Many schools do not have latrine facilities for girls which discourages them from continued school attendance and interrupts their education.

The provision of Girls Latrine facilities in schools is key to overcoming gender discrimination.

Together with The Rotary Club of Rushcliffe and a Rotary Foundation Grant from Rotary District 1220 Our Club has been able to fund the construction of Girls Latrines at 2 Schools in the Layontonde District of Uganda.                     

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