Packing Water Survival Boxes - January 2020

Volunteers from the Rotary Club Bradford on Avon assist the Rotary Club Chelwood Bridge/Frome team pack Water Survival Boxes ready for immediate distribution.

Rotary Club Bradford on Avon are proud to support the Water Survival Box initiative of the Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge, England, through donations and assisting the Chelwood Bridge team to pack boxes in January 2020.   

This Project arose after the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean during which 3,200 Aquaboxes boxes were packed with items donated by members of the public. That operation was reviewed after 6 months which brought forward a number of efficiencies. This eventually led to the setting up of a limited company that quickly became a Registered Charity (Worldwaterworks Ltd) in 2006. The Charity’s primary purpose is to provide a means of purifying water for the benefit of families that survive natural or man-made disasters. It has provided support following 66 disasters in 33 countries world wide.

Clean water is essential to protect against water-borne disease. In most natural disasters family’s homes have been destroyed and all their possessions lost. The box therefore contains a range of essential survival items including cooking pots, bowls/plates, mugs, and utensils; health and hygiene items; basic shelter and simple tools.

Since 2006 a number of partnerships have been established with Rotary Clubs and Districts as well as aid agencies such as Red Cross/Red Crescent, Oxfam, Merlin, Humanity First UK, World Vision Taiwan, School in a Bag and Khalsa Aid. Worldwaterworks Ltd partners take responsibility for ensuring swift transit of consignments through customs on arrival and there distribution to families most in need. They also provide Worldwaterworks with feedback in the form of video and photographs as well as an account of the distribution operation.

Management of the project and the practical work involved is all done by volunteers from Rotary, Inner Wheel, Schools, and local community groups. In this way every pound donated is converted into Water Survival boxes or helps pay for the cost of air freight.  To find out more visit the Water Survival Box web site: