One Club can change the world (one child at a time) with Stephen Barbor

Wed 24th February 2021 at 8.00 pm - 9.30 pm

on-line via Zoom. Child Aid to Eastern Europe works with local communities across Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine in order to help vulnerable and disabled children.

Over the last few years a number of British Rotary Clubs have worked with ChildAid to Eastern Europe and Rotary Chisinau Cosmopolitan to support various projects in Moldova.  And, had the pandemic not broken out, over Easter we would have opened our new care centre for vulnerable and disabled children in the city of Makariv, 60km west of Kiev in the north of Ukraine.  The ongoing fighting in the south of Ukraine has sadly produced the fourth largest displaced population in the world, and has recently made Ukraine the poorest state in Europe.  ChildAid would like to work with more Rotary Clubs in order to expand our existing programmes. Ukraine is a complex and challenged country, where the current price for the life of a young Roma child in the Transcarpathian region starts from as little as £4 – the price of a meal.  It is in such places that ChildAid wishes to stand; working with local partners and regional authorities to protect some of the most vulnerable in society.

Our website and stories can be found by entering ChildAidee (the “ee” simply stands for Eastern Europe and stops any confusion with other charities with similar names) into your preferred search engine, while on “YouTube” you can see Tony Hawks and Sir Tim Rice talk about our flagship programme in Moldova by typing in “Don’t cry for me Moldova” or, again, type in ChildAidee to see videos we have uploaded.