Thank You Letters received/ Thank you from AMECA

The CEO of AMECA has written to thank us for our support of the work AMECA is doing in Malawi during the COVID crisis

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Dear Members of the International Service Committee,

On behalf of the Directors of The AMECA Trust, we herewith acknowledge receipt of your payments of £1,000 towards the Maternity Clinic and £2,000 for the purchase of PPE.

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the Committee for its ongoing support for the maternity unit and further staff accommodation at the site of its primary healthcare clinic, at Chilaweni Village, Malawi. I am sure you will be pleased to know that construction of the clinic and staff accommodation is very near completion, despite all the challenges of the current Covid 19 crisis. I hope to get a newsletter out shortly, but please let me know if you want some up to date photos for the website. We are currently considering possible timing for the roll out of the community education and staff training and when we feel we may be able to travel safely back to Malawi, to provide the necessary supervision for these programmes.

The funds for the PPE were so very much appreciated by everyone at the Blantyre District Health Office and by the recipient staff. They are in a fairly desperate situation and although figures for the numbers of cases remain low, there is an influx of returning Malawians from various countries and the need to protect healthcare staff form infection remains a big priority. I received several heart-warming messages from staff and their gratitude was palpable. Thank you so very much for making this donation possible. Hopefully you will have received a copy of my report on the PPE distribution.

Thank you again for your generosity of spirit and for the ongoing support from the International Committee, which means so very much to us.

With kindest regards,

Ruthie Markus

CEO & Founder