Zoom - 4th DNAPQuiz

Wed 19th August 2020 at 7.30 pm - 9.00 pm

4th in series Six rounds of 5 questions

Rotary in Abingdon will be holding its third FREE zoom DNAPQuiz
   on Wednesday 19th August, 19:30.


Please …
… register, by replying YES PLEASE to this email, latest Monday 17th
TEAMS about registering for a group of emails.
On 19th, I shall send all those emails that have registered the answer sheets (pdf) to print off, and a zoom link to join at 19:25. Only registered emails will be admitted on the night.


It will follow the
DNAPQuiz format; far removed from someone merely reading out questions.

·        A very visual and audible experience using PowerPoint as a platform.

·        Six rounds of five questions.

·        Teams are sent into ‘breakout’ rooms after each round to discuss answers.

·        An electronic scoreboard.

·        Just over an hour long. Bring your own refreshment.


Using the ‘Breakout’ feature of zoom, we put you into teams (up to six people per team); if you would like to define a team, one person may register with a group of emails, they will all be sent the answer sheet and link; no need to be in the same house.
Equally we will randomly create teams of those registering individually if you want to meet different people in the ‘breakout’ rooms.