Chris Wick PHF

Chris Wick was deservedly awarded the highest accolade in Rotary last night - a Paul Harris Fellowship award.

Here is the commendation made by Rotarian Brian Mathson PHF in announcing the award of this honour on our very own Chris Wick.

Good Evening Fellow Rotarians, Friends of Rotary and Guests

It is my pleasure and honour to talk to you tonight about a very special friend I have known for more than twenty years. Indeed both our families have enjoyed friendship for this length of time.
Why is my friend so special? From the outset not only did I recognise extraordinary vitality and enthusiasm for life but over the years my friend would come to our aid if a problem arose at the drop of a hat. My friend never failed us.
My friend is a Rotarian. Before joining Rotary my friend already devoted selfless time and energy to an organisation devoted to helping the development of disadvantaged children. In more than ten years in Rotary my friend has demonstrated this same energy and positive enthusiasm not to mention creativeness to Rotary tasks and causes with great success. This person has served and led on many committees including Comvoc, Club admin. Membership and now Foundation.
When my friend became President in 2016 the whole Club and many others enjoyed a dynamic eventful and enjoyable year.
I should just like to record one more unique achievement inspired by my friend and this was the befriending of Children from Chernobyl who visited Cambridgeshire over several years. Club members rallied round and we were able to take them on Kids Out.  More specifically My Friend and family raised funds to enable one child suffering from a condition caused by the terrible effect of the Chernobyl disaster to be treated successfully.
For these reasons and many others this is why  tonight my friend achieves the highest honour in Rotary.


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