Shoebox Newsletter 3rd July 2020

Here's the latest update from District 1110 Shoebox Co-ordinator Chris Hardiman


No 3                             NEWSLETTER 3rd July 2020

This year's Shoebox Scheme will be continuing. Although many clubs and their schools and community groups are willing and able to support the scheme, there are a few clubs who feel unable to continue due to the difficult circumstances we find ourselves in.

Despite an anticipated drop in the number of shoeboxes we will be able to collect, we will be working together to support disadvantaged Children in the Countries we have supported in previous years. Their need for our generous help has not reduced, indeed it has increased.

We will be operating in a similar fashion to last year but sourcing a smaller warehouse. All clubs participating have been asked to provide a little manpower at the depot, and that request has been taken up already by several clubs.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we anticipate that we will be operating a little differently this year at the Depot, any final decisions are, of course, dependent on government guidance at the time. Clubs will be informed 2 weeks before any deliveries to the Depot of any extra requirements governing their delivery.

Clubs that are supporting please take extra care with your own safety regards Covid -19 guidelines at the time of operating and please when speaking to Schools, Church or community groups etc please ask for their guidance on how you collect Shoeboxes from them. All schools will be following Government Guidance so we must make sure you adhere to their own School Guidance rules. There will be individual differences in approach as each school is being asked to adjust their approach to meet their specific needs.

Leaflets are going to the printer and will be made available during early August. We will inform all Clubs

nearer the time about how their leaflets will be delivered to them.

It is anticipated that cartons will be available through the usual generous help of Leatherbarrows, that is yet to be confirmed, but naturally all clubs will be advised of the detailed approach nearer the time.

It is anticipated that we will need a slightly smaller warehouse than has been normal, so we shall be seeking a warehouse with only about 3,500 sq ft or so this year. Any leads in this matter will be gratefully followed up.

Geoff Philpot:

Chris Hardiman:

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District International Chairman; Chris Hardiman. PHF.

Wessex Rotary Shoebox Team Leader; Geoff Philpot.

Wessex Rotary CIO.                   Charity No: 1183094                        3rd July 2020