Zoom meeting - Guest Speaker

Wed 29th July 2020 at 7.00 pm - 8.00 pm

Zoom meeting - Guest Speaker Adam Bundle on Talisker Atlantic Challenge, rowing boat race across the Atlantic

Adam Bundle, a serving fire fighter from Southampton, gave a very inspiring talk to members and guests in our Zoom meeting tonight. He is taking part with his colleague, Stu Vince, in the Talisker Atlantic Challenge which is a rowing boat race across the Atlantic from the Canary Islands to Antigua in December 2020. This is the premier event in ocean rowing and takes place annually in early December with 30 teams participating from around the world. This challenge is highly physically demanding and very few people have successfully completed it (3,000 miles in 37 days - this will beat a record set in 2017). The race is described as the world's toughest row and they are not permitted to have any outside assistance during the crossing. 

Adam and Stu are hoping to raise money for, and awareness of mental health in the workplace. Adam went on to talk about the reasons why they are so keen to raise money for this charity. Having coped with the loss of colleagues at work, the regular pressures of making life and death decisions whilst attending a wide variety of life threatening incidents or just daily pressures of life, it is of no surprise that over the last few years we have all witnessed a dramatic increase in mental health issues in the workplace.   

For those who wish to, we can follow their progress accross the Atlantic using the App 'YELLOW BRICK DOT WATCHERS'. The race starts on 12th December 2020. 

The club will be making a donation to the causes they are supporting which are 'SOLENT MIND' and 'THE FIRE FIGHTERS CHARITY'.