Covid-19 Support For Our Community

Fri, Jul 17th 2020 at 12:10 pm- Wed, Jun 30th 2021 - 11:55 pm

Our Club has been providing support to our community during the Covid-19 crisis

As soon as the impact of Coronavirus on our community became clear in March, our club took action and donated £1,000 to StartUp Stirling and £500 to CHAS.  It's good news that we are starting to edge out of the crisis, but we have continued to appraise how we can help further.

Our club is one of 1.2 million Rotary Clubs across the world, each serving their local community and beyond.  As a global organisation, Rotary recognised the global impact of Covid-19 and set aside funds to help all clubs to help their communities.

We're delighted to announce that we have recently received a grant of £300 from Rotary International to support our community.  We wanted that money to work twice as hard.  We felt that people in most need could again be supported by StartUp Stirling, but we also recognised that local businesses have also been affected by Covid-19 and we wanted to use the money to support them as well.  So, we asked StartUp Stirling what type of food/goods would be most welcome.  Their answer was clear and resounding - frozen meat that, over time, they could utilise in their ongoing food donations.

So, on 10th July we were delighted to support D Campbell and Son Butchers, where we purchased £300 worth of frozen meat for delivery to StartUp Stirling.  Based on the amount of meat actually delivered, we think Campbells snuck in some donations of their own - thank you!

We'd like to thank everyone who takes an interest in our club and the great work of Rotary.  These are challenging times, but together and supporting each other, we will have apositive future.  If you are interested in learning more about our club, or Rotary in general, just message us on our Facebook site for an informal chat.

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