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Here are the latest updates from Shelterbox. Further updates will be posted here as they are received

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ShelterBox update

Coronavirus has made the need for humanitarian support even more urgent. The virus is a deadly risk for vulnerable families who have lost their homes. The impact in crowded camps and makeshift settlements in places like Syria, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso could be devastating. Emergency shelter can save lives by slowing the spread of coronavirus. ShelterBox are working hard to provide emergency shelter and keep families safe. 

Despite global travel restrictions making it tougher, ShelterBox are operating across 9 countries around the world: Syria, Tanzania, Nigeria, Cameroon, Somaliland, Burkina Faso, Vanuatu, Ethiopia and the Philippines. 

Ethiopia – Conflict

ShelterBox have partnered with IOM (International Organisation for Migration) to shelter families in West Guji. Tarpaulins and household items are being provided to protect families from rain, strengthen their ability to withstand infections and enable shelters to be extended to create more space.  This project is likely to run over 3 months as distributions are across multiple locations and are limited to 50 people per distribution to allow for coronavirus mitigations.  1,600 families have so far been supported. 

Cameroon – Conflict

Cameroon is the fourth most-affected country by coronavirus in Africa. ShelterBox are currently delivering their 8th project, that includes a combination of on-camp (Minawao camp) and off-camp distributions. So far, for this project 1,245 families have been sheltered and 244 families have been re-sheltered, with further distributions of family tents as part of this project currently underway. 

Vanuatu – Response to Cyclone Harold

ShelterBox is not able to send a response team, so have partnered with CARE Vanuatu to support 2,000 families with emergency shelter. ShelterBox are providing the aid supplies and remote technical support. Distributions have begun and are progressing well. 

For more information on all current operations visit

Celebrate 20 years of ShelterBox

It’s 20 years since one Rotary club created ShelterBox, a humanitarian organisation that has now supported more than 1.5 million people. They could not have known the challenges facing our world in 2020 – but they founded an organisation of action, ready to respond.

In collaboration with their founding club, volunteers and supporters, ShelterBox have created an opportunity to explore the last 20 years through their website 

From the week beginning the 20th July, celebrate by joining them on social to like, share or leave them an anniversary message.

Follow in the footsteps of Helston-Lizard Rotary Club and take on the 20 for 20 challenge, 20 miles for 20 years, individually or as a group. Helping to raise vital funds for their ongoing work