Rotary Branded Face Masks

Reusable Rotary South East branded face masks

Face Mask

Rotary South East Branded Face Masks

We have sourced quality face masks which are washable and reusable with easily adjusted cords for £7:50 each plus post and packing. The sale of these face masks will generate a profit of £3 which will be donated to Polio This is matched by our partner the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 2:1 meaning your purchase effectively gives £9:00 to the campaign.

By purchasing this mask in aid of Polio and wearing this mask to combat Covid19 you you can play your part in fighting both of these infections diseases

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Bulk Orders

Should you wish you can place a bulk order, minimum value £125:00,  from the same above link at "cost" price. You must undertake to make a minimum donation of £3;00 per mask to End Polio Now (RFUKPolio). You can choose what you do with any "excess profit" and of course your donations will be credited to your club and accrew PHF credits  

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Face Mask

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