Community & Youth Committee

The main activity of the Community & Youth Committee is to organise fundraising events that will be of benefit to local charities and the wider community of Carshalton.

 For many years the club has organised a Christmas Collection where members are joined by local charities (some of whom have been supported by the Club for many years) on their street walks around Wallington and Carshalton.  Father Christmas comes along each night to wish the residents and especially the children a Merry Christmas.  It is no exaggeration to say that there are lots of families who have grown up with this annual event and great grandparents, grandparents, mums and dads and little ones eagerly await the sound  of Christmas music which heralds his arrival.  It is a privilege to be part of this and every penny raised goes to local charities.  There are also static collections in Carshalton High Street and Sainsburys and as the Christmas celebrations have grown Father Christmas now attends several festive events.  The Easter Egg Hunt in Carshalton Park does not have the longevity of the Christmas Collections but has now become an established part of our annual fundraising calendar and takes part on Good Friday.  There are side stalls,  a catering school run by the local Scouts, and a very popular show has been the magician.  The club is involved in several events held in Beddington Park, the May Fayre and the twice yearly annual clean up.  Both of these commitments bring together members of the community and in the case of the May Fayre charities book a stall to raise money for their coffers.


To engage with local youth our flagship event is the Top of the Form competition open to all schools in the Borough.  This involves teams of 4 from year 6 classes.  It is hoped that when the children grow older they will remember the name Rotary and perhaps become members of clubs themselves. 


Other areas of involvement which are not specifically fundraising activities are Carshalton Carnival, support for the Oaks Way Day Centre, Sutton Talking Newspapers, Bramley Hill Rangers and the Darby and Joan Club. 


It is a privilege to belong to Rotary and to become involved in supporting the local community. 

Jillian Green

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