Vaccine appeal for poorer countries

Support Cheltenham Rotary's drive by donating the cost of your vaccine (£6) to provide funds for poorer countries.
Also see examples of how we support local organisations


Donations needed to provide vaccines for poorer countries.

Cheltenham Rotary Club celebrate their centenary by helping you donate the cost of your vaccine (£6) to provide funds for poorer countries to embark on their vaccination plans. To find out more go to

Pupils of Abbey Park Middle School say "Thankyou" for computer donations.

Pershore Rotary Business Club collected 10 used laptops (wiped and reset) from the local community and donated £1000 for protective cases, IT licences and art materials.

Fundraising in 2020 was a washout for most support groups in Pershore. To help ease the situation, Pershore Rotarians decided to deliver a programme of monthly donations to those local support groups suffering financial hardship due to Covid-19. Requests from community groups needing help with running costs were received and several monthly donations of £600 - £700 were made in the period to December 2020.

Pinvin Federation of Schools needed additional Chromebooks for children learning at home.
 A school spokesperson said, “Due to lockdown restrictions, many children are suffering from isolation. There’s a need for family support workers and better access to IT. Rotary funding provided additional support and Chromebooks for those children without access to online working resources.” 

The Pershore Relief in Sickness Charity supported local healthcare teams, providing extra PPE to frontline healthcare workers, specialist wheelchairs and a bladder scanner for local GP surgeries. Treasurer, Alison Fox, said, “Our most recent purchase was 30 books on Palliative Care Guidelines for local community nurses and care teams.”  

At Abbey Park School Sam Faulkner said, “The donation enabled us to continue to run our breakfast club, which provides early morning childcare and meals to children of working families. We live in difficult times and many of our families face difficulties. The breakfast club means so much to so many.” 

St Andrew’s Centre was able to accommodate the Food Bank with its trebling of clients needing support. However, the Centre’s programme of improvements had to go ahead and Robin Hancox said, “With Pershore Rotary’s support, we have been able to replace the lighting in the kitchen and corridors by more Eco-friendly and cheaper to run fittings. We look forward to completing the project in 2021 and to welcoming back all our regular users and visitors." 

Pershore Town Football Club recognised that some of their Youth Section were unable to pay membership subs due to family hardship. With regular fundraising projects cancelled, the club needed to find an extra £280 per child to enable them to carry on. Mark Thomson, Chairman of PTFC, said, “We really appreciate the donation from Rotary and the funds will be put towards those kids whose parents are not able to pay subs at this present time.” 

Read Easy Evesham and Pershore. Research has shown that more than 7% of adults have never learnt to read. Improving reading skills contributes towards raising personal self-confidence and improving the skills set in the local workforce. Read Easy is a charity that offers free, confidential one to one reading coaching to adults who struggle with literacy. Sue Oxley, Literary Specialist, said, “Pershore Rotary’s donation helped purchase sets of phonic based reading manuals and books.”

‘Families in Crisis’

Lynne Raymer, Project Leader at the Pershore Foodbank, says she is extremely worried about the impact Covid-19 is having on many families in the Pershore area. “Families that have never wanted for basic essentials are now finding that, perhaps due to unexpected layoffs or redundancy, their income has dried up and savings gone”. This is fast becoming a crisis situation for many families and they don’t know which way to turn for help.

Clients come to the Foodbank for many reasons, mainly due to low income, debt, sickness as well as benefit delays and changes.”

Key to Lynne’s message is that there are many in need now and it is going to get worse. Anyone struggling, through no fault of their own, should go to a Referral Agency to get a red voucher or an e-voucher number. Referral Agencies can be found at schools, GP surgeries, churches, Social Services, Wychavon DC, Pershore Town Council, Rooftop and Fortis Housing.

Lynne wanted to emphasise that Foodbank volunteers are never judgemental. Every client is welcomed. Not only will they receive a food parcel, but also a hygiene bag with essential toiletries and household items. Volunteers will also suggest where clients can receive additional support - for many, this is Citizens Advice, Tel 01386 712100.

If you need help then phone the Pershore Foodbank on 01386 555347. Leave a message and a Duty Manager will respond.

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Support Cheltenham Rotary's drive by donating the cost of your vaccine (£6) to provide funds for poorer countries. Also see examples of how we support local organisations

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