Rotary Litter Pickers

A small select group of Rotarians offer to clean up after visitors to Keswick leave their rubbish behind. From Left to right Rotarians Steve Oldfield, Tony Welton, John Hayes and Mike Murgatroyd together with Chris Welton and Judy Murgatroyd

We are the Rotary Litter Pickers,
Plus the Litter Pickers Mates,
Who scoured the paths beside the Lake
From the Cass to Ashness Gates.
Tons of tins and tissues, and every kind of pad,
Plus pants and hose, and gloves and masks,
And the gas that sends you mad!
There’s not a lot of litter now on the paths of Cockshutt Wood,
The Car Park, Ings or Calf Close Bay - all are looking good.
It’s not such fun as Rotary Lunch but better far than Zoom,
If local people want to join, our Club has always room.

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