Why Join Us At Derby South

Join us, it's an excellent opportunity to socialise, network, meet new people and become a core member of your local community

Derby Rotary South Needs You

Welcome to Rotary Derby South

Rotary enables people from all walks of life to join together to socialise, network, meet new people and become a core member of the local community.

Based in Mickleover, Rotary Derby South regularly joins friends together to make a difference to both our own lives and other peoples from all over the world. From relaxed and enjoyable social events to specific and rewarding charitable projects, Rotary enables us to give back to the local, wider, even global community.

Rotarians make a difference in the world. You could join us and make a difference too!

Why do Rotarians do what they do?

It makes you feel so much better about yourself when you know that your efforts have made a difference in someone’s life. It might be as simple as sharing your days activities with a friend or that your contribution has helped a young carer get a holiday; an injured child get airlifted to hospital; a family get a food parcel; a young Zimbabwean get an education beyond her dreams; a breakthrough in cancer research or a polio vaccine.

And despite the coronavirus pandemic, we have never been busier. You'll be a more than welcome addition, so why not get in touch today.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Lesley Reynolds via email (lesleyreynolds1@msn.com)

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Why Join Us At Derby South sub-pages:

Hands on support of Projects and Good Causes


more Rotary Derby South has been involved with Projects for many years. You could join us and be part of these valuable Good Causes in the future

Social Events

more Social events are a regular activity for friends at Rotary Derby South

End Polio Now

more Raising funds to help end Polio across the world.