Uttoxeter Rotarians refuse to vegetate during Covid-19 lockdown

Uttoxeter Rotary has continued in its efforts to support the local community in these difficult times by raising funds with a Vegetable Relay Marathon!

The Club’s recently appointed President David Chapman reports; “The Club was rocked by the tragic death of our President, David Reeves, but we have been determined to redouble our work in his memory.” 

Club meetings have continued on ‘Zoom’ with speakers joining them from as far away as South Africa. Attendance has been at a high level and all have enjoyed developing a new form of getting together whilst maintaining good humour and a clear focus on responding to the challenges faced by the Uttoxeter community.
President David adds; “We quickly re-evaluated our priorities and redirected all the available funds to support local activities and organisations struggling under lockdown. In May and June we made over £6000 available and continue to look for ways in which we can make a difference.”
The Club has supported Donna Louise and St Giles Hospices, local food banks, the Air Ambulance, the Gateway Club and Thomas Alleyne’s High School in their project making face shields for the NHS.
The Club and its members face new challenges in raising funds as public activities have all been cancelled. However, Rotarians have taken part in a ‘Relay Marathon’ with members collecting sponsors for their daily walks. Vice President Roy Smith, who has led the project reports; “We have been using vegetables as our relay batons which have created interest and good humour! We have all completed our miles separately with social distancing observed and have managed to raise over £1,100 to help replenish our charity funds.” Uttoxeter Rotary also relaunched its annual quiz which has raised significant further funds. President David concludes; “We will be continuing to play our part in the life of the town and hope that it will not be too long before we can meet the public and enjoy the wonderful support that they always give us.”
Pictures supplied by Roy Smith. President Dave passing his pepper 'baton' to Roy Smith and Neil Allen in receipt of his 'leek' baton!

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