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Become a member and help to change lives both in your community and around the world.

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We are currently recruiting new members so that we can serve even more of our local community.

Why Me ??

What is the Rotary Club?

It is a worldwide organization made up of men and women, young and old, working and retired…from all walks of life. It is a social club, having fun whilst also giving up a little of their spare time to help the needy and less fortunate people in their own communities, country and the world.

Is there a membership fee?

For full membership, yes, is the simple answer. The fee is currently £120, paid annually (alternative payment methods are currently under review). There are lesser memberships available, dependent upon your choice of involvement within the club administration. The choice of membership does not affect your participation in any fundraising or social event.

Can my friends and family get involved?

Most certainly! Many of our partners and family are ‘hands on’ in supporting our fund raising and social events, for which there is no membership fee at all! The more, the merrier!

“Can I really make a difference?”


Becoming a member of Lymm Rotary Club may be one of most rewarding things you will ever do. We work as a team, pulling together to offer hope, practical help and genuine comfort to those whose dire circumstances are beyond our comprehension.

Making a difference to someone’s life, will make a difference to your own.

A sample of our community projects:

  • ·         Funding & supporting school projects & activities
  • ·         Helping the homeless
  • ·         Caring for our environment
  • ·         Supporting elderly &/ lonely in our locality
  • ·         Funding for local groups, clubs and social projects
  • ·         Supporting local care homes & hospices

Nationally & Globally:

  • ·         Purple Pinky, raising funds for the eradication of Polio
  • ·         Disaster Shelter boxes 
  • ·         The British Heart Foundation
  • ·         Pudsey Bear – Children in Need
  • ·         Books for Africa

Rotary social events

We have a program of social events within the club, including trips, historical & cultural days out, dinner/dances, fun game nights, guest speakers and so much more….

If you think this may be for you ...

You can easily contact us by clicking CONTACT at the top of the page.  A club member will then get in contact with you to explain more and invite you to one of our meetings and we will even give you a free meal!  There is no obligation to join, in fact we will not even let you join until you have attended a few meetings and got to know us.

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