2020 Events/ Supporting the COMMUNITY with Dementia Information Sessions

Do you know somebody living with dementia? Val & Martin do. They are part of the 3 million dementia friends in the UK who are volunteering to help inform people about dementia.

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In conjunction with One Community, Rotarians Val & Martin are helping to create a Dementia Friendly Eastleigh, by offering FREE dementia information sessions throughout the community, to individuals, groups, clubs and businesses.

Watch this space for news of the next FREE information sessions ..........................................

A little information about dementia…..

The word “dementia” describes a set of symptoms that may include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or language. People living with dementia may also have challenges with movement, judging distances such as on stairs, losing track of the day or date or becoming confused about where they are.

 A person with dementia may also have changes in their mood or behaviour which can be distressing for the person and those close to them. There are many types of dementia with varying symptoms, but each person will be affected differently, and their disease will progress at different rates.

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