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As President for this Rotary Year I thought it might be helpful to try and answer one recurring question which pops up a bit too frequently…

President Keith Cooper

That’s all very well but what do you actually do?

I have to say that it is not the best time for us with the pandemic curtailing too many of our usual activities, especially fundraising which relies on direct contact with the general public. In more normal times we organise Quiz Nights, Bridge Drives, Concerts and Tin Rattling outside Supermarkets. The funds go to nominated charities – International, National and Local in equal measure.

Fortunately some of our Community based activities have continued, albeit with a bit less intensity. We have carried on with the routine maintenance of our “Tree for every Rotarian” site at Hamble Green. Collections of Aluminium Cans for “Helipads for Hospitals” go on – This is an amazing project which will provide Aluminium to build Helipads on Hospital Roofs and is Leicester based. We have been able to support an Oadby foodbank and are beginning to set up a “Playlist for Life” advice point to help those with Dementia. Our involvement with Schools goes on behind the scenes and will allow well established Youth competitions to continue in due course.

Hopefully that gives a glimpse of the service side of Rotary but equally important is the Fellowship and Fun which keeps us together as friends.

Normally we meet every week for a meal at Glen Gorse Golf Club which is invariably followed by an invited guest speaker on any item of interest, sometimes related to a charity or service project and sometimes just for entertainment. In Summer we often meet elsewhere for a countryside walk and pub meal or visit the theatre for a show or play pub games against other local clubs. Our annual Bowls and Croquet matches have become legendary and anything but serious yet great fun.

I hope this goes some way to answering the question and may have sparked some interest. If so please get in touch and we will be delighted to give you an opportunity to see for yourself.

President Kieth Cooper

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