International Projects

Here you will find details of all the International projects our Club is currently involved in



Asin’get School in Uganda

The RC Southampton is funding the provision of  furniture for the class rooms.

Shelter Box

In the case of disasters, where people have lost their homes and everything else, shelter boxes put a roof over their head and supplies everything to set up home. The club purchases two boxes a year.

Jaipur Limb Project

This provides artificial limbs for people, including children, in third world countries which means that those who could not walk can now do so.

Mary’s Meals

The RC Southampton supports this charity which provides food for well over a million children throughout the world who would otherwise go hungry. The meals are supplied at school ensuring the children are fed and educated.

Purple Community Fund

The Club supports this fund which operates in the Philippines helping children who normally scavenge a living on rubbish heaps in very unsanitary conditions. It provides meals and schooling.

Peace Project

In collaboration with the Rotary Club of Southampton, Ontario it is hoped that a suitable project can be arranged.

International Projects sub-pages:

PCF's New Kitchen Project

more RC Southampton funds kitchen refurbishment in the Philippines