Donate to this years Chosen Charities until

Wed 30th June 2021 at 11.00 pm -

Haslemere Stroke Club and Haslemere Food Bank

The Rotary Club of Haslemere is keen to support the following two local Charities for the year 2020 / 2021. They both give so much to making Haslemere & Chiddingfold special places to live.
Your help will be invaluable in resourcing both these very special voluntary groups.

The Haslemere Stroke Club
For 30 years the Haslemere Stroke club has provided Stroke survivors with group physiotherapy,entertainment, outings, companionship and support. A stroke is a catastrophic life changing event recovery is a lengthy and difficult process. The Haslemere Stroke club helps stroke survivors of all ages by offering a range of activities with people who understand the challenges of recovery. 
They meet most Wednesday afternoons at the Holly Cross Haslemere.
This is a wholly deserving local Charity which serves our Community continually supporting local people who are unlucky to be stricken by a debilitating stroke.
The Haslemere Food Bank
Haslemere Food Bank is an initiative of the churches in Haslemere in response to requests from a number of local agencies. Although primarily a church initiative, support and volunteers come from a wide variety of backgrounds.
People in need are referred to the Food Bank by local statutory and voluntary agencies.
Due to the Corona virus the Haslemere food bank has become extremely busy with up to 10 times the amount of business that they usually deal with. They have stepped up to the plate at a very difficult time and well deserve our support.