Annual General Meeting

Tue 4th May 2021 at 7.00 pm - 9.30 pm

Reports from Club Chairmen

The annual general meeting of the club, of which at least fourteen days' written notice shall have

been given to all members (other than honorary members), shall be held, where possible, between

1st April and 31st May inclusive, but in any event prior to the district assembly, for the purpose of:

Receiving annual reports from the council and committees of the club for the current Rotary year

Receiving the treasurer's report and proposed budget and determining the entrance fee for the

ensuing Rotary year

(i) Electing any honorary members

(ii) Electing not less than three and not more than six ordinary members of the council.

(iii) Confirming the appointment of, or selecting, the chairman of committees

(iv) Appointing a person or persons to examine the club's annual accounts

(v) Electing one representative (and substitute) of the club on the district council, and one

additional representative (and substitute) for every 25 or major fraction thereof of its active

members. The club by-laws also advise the procedure to be followed if a representative is

unable to attend.

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