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     Rotary year: 2021/22

 Month Of Issue Information
 16NOV21  Services News - November
 18OCT21  Services News - October
  17SEP21  Service News - September 
 16AUG21   Service News - August 
 17JUL21    Service News - July

     Rotary year: 2020/21

 Month Of Issue Information
 17JUN21  Service News - June
 17MAY21  Service News - May
 18APR21   Service News - April
 18MAR21  Service News - March 
 18FEB21 Service News - February 
 18JAN21 Service News - January    
 20DEC20  Services News Update - DECEMBER
 17NOV20  Services News Update - NOVEMBER
 19OCT20  Services News Update - OCTOBER 
 19SEP20   Services News Update - SEPTEMBER 
 20JUL20  Services News Update - JULY
 18JUL20  Services News Update - AUGUST

'What We Do' Main Pages:

planting Crocuses in Overmonnow

Rotary Monmouth is active in many areas of our community see more details below

Got to the finish

Last year's walk was on May 16th 2021 details are in the "related" pages or follow the links below Thank you everyone who participated

Approaching the finish

The 2022 Raft Race scheduled to be held on Sunday September 4th 2021 has been CANCELLED due to low water levels in the river

together we volunteer

Get involved Give something back to the Community Use your skills, time and experience to help others Make friends with like minded people Have fun

Can we make it up the tower

Activities of the Education and Youth Team