District 1260 Conference 2020-21

Sat 20th March 2021 at 10.00 am - 4.00 pm

Saturday 20th March 2021 from 10.00 hrs when the Community Showcase opens and the Conference will commence at 11.00 hrs




To be held from 11am on Saturday 20th March 2021


A big thank you for Registering for this year's Annual Conference.


This means you have a chance to win a bottle of Passionately Purple Polio Gin




DG Vijay is pleased to announce that the following additional presenters will be featured at the Annual Conference.

  • RAVI KAPUR – Film Maker, Social Innovator and Educational Expert
    Ravi is the founder and MD of Imperative Space.  Working across the space sector, his company is aimed at supporting democratisation of space technologies and improving access to data for everyone.
  • EMILY STEVENSON – Marine Biologist. Winner of the Rotary Young Citizen
    Together with her father she runs the Beach Guardian Project in Cornwall.  Highlighting an issue of today, she reports that if every person in the UK was to wear a single use face mask each day, this would create 57,000 tonnes of hard to recycle plastic and an extra 66,000 tonnes of contaminated PPE waste!
  • MACARENA MATA PhD, MSc – Mediator, Facilitator and Conflict coach
    In recent years she has engaged in research and development of frameworks for self-awareness and personal growth.  Currently working on a Rotary Global grant.


  • DAVID VICKERY - Conference Continuity Announcer.
  • STEVE BROWN - BBC Broadcaster and Paralympian.
  • AZIZ MEMON – Rotary Foundation Trustee.
  • BOB ‘THE CAT’ BEVAN MBE – Entertainer.
  • BETH FRENCH – Inspirational Speaker.

The Community Showcase will also be available to enable you to contact other organisations and learn more of their work in many rotary related activities.  Please get in contact with the Showcase Manager John Meischke if you are in contact with any Charity, or other suitable organisation, we could offer a free space in the Community Showcase. The Conference website will then be available for you to access at any time for a year.

Vijay Patel
District Governor