Community Service/ Striding Out For Charity - A September Saunter 2020

We complete a physical walk of 7 kilometres as part of the 2020 "Virtual" John Baron Fun Walk, all in aid of charity.

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Fun In The Sun - Beating Coronavirus

It’s September.  Must be time for the John Baron Billericay Fun Walk and the crowds of walkers all giving up their time to raise money for their favourite charities.  But, Not This Year!  Covid-19 has seen to that!

Never Give Up!

First of all - Complete Lockdown.  But this was followed by groups limited to single households only.  Then this was extended to Support Bubbles only, and then outdoors’ groups of 30 people. 

The organisers of the Fun Walk didn’t give up.  If there couldn’t be a real Fun Walk - why not do a “Virtual Fun Walk”?

Rotary Club of Billericay has taken part in the event for many years, providing walkers and marshals to help all those taking part to keep to the route.  A “Virtual Event” - no problem.  Even the marshal could take part.

Who would be the principal walker?  None other than Roger Kettle yet again, accompanied by many club members.  When? September 22.  Where? A 7 km. walk round Little Burstead.

The Best Laid plans ...

But then what happened? A resurgence of the disease and new restrictions imposed September 14.  All groups limited to Six.  All our members who wanted to take part had to be disappointed, and a core group of 5, all well sponsored, did the walk.

So come September 22, and a glorious sunny day, the intrepid walkers assembled outside the Dukes Head Pub in Little Burstead.  With charity maestro Roger in the lead, we set off on a circular tour ending back at the Dukes Head.
How far? a few steps under seven kms.!  Well done to all.

Two hours in the hot sun!  Must be time for some refreshments - so round to Roger’s house for beer and some delicious rolls (thank you Sarah!).

A Record Amount raised

Last year we raised a total of £1435, which after a bonus of 50% and Gift Aid of 25%, gave us a total raised for charity of approximately £2500.

This year club members made a special effort to raise money to make up for the lack of fundraising events possible due to Covid-19.  A grand total of £2422 before even considering the bonus and Gift Aid. Total money raised by this awesome effort could exceed £4,000.

Well Done – Rotary Club of Billericay members.

Our efforts didn’t go unnoticed, and we were the largest photo in the Evening Echo spread, and headed up the Gateway978 FM Facebook Page.