Community Service/ World Polio Day 2020

Fabulous Fun for Folks to raise money for End Polio Now

A Challenge to Fundraise for End Polio
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Fundraising Fun for End Polio Now

Money, Money, Money!

We Directly Raise Over £1000
From Our Quiz Challenge

It was so much simpler in 2019!

World Polio Day on October 24 is when Rotary Clubs all over the world come together to mark the occasion and raise money for End Polio Now.  Everything we do in Rotary – even partying – has a good charity reason. None better than End Polio Now – a charity close to all Rotary hearts, So, last year for World Polio Day, we had two events to raise money for End Polio Now and participated in a third.

First – Paella in the garden – hosted by members Patrick Rothon and wife Carole andMoney, Money, Money!
We Directly Raise Over £1000 From Our Quiz Challenge attended by 20 members and guests who each paid £10 a head, a small sacrifice to a great cause and a wonderful evening.  Food and drink provided by club members so all £200 went to End Polio Now.

Second - the first all-Billericay Tri-Club Rotary dinner on World Polio Day itself, with Anne Wafula Strike MBE as principal speaker, and over £900 raised by the 63 members and guests who attended from the three Billericay Rotary Clubs

Third – a special collection on October 26 at our club’s Charter Celebration lunch when nearly 60 guests raised over £400 for End Polio Now.

Covid Complications

What to do in 2020?  That was the question.  Physical meetings of more than 6 were banned by the government, and RotaryGBI has banned all Rotary meetings for the foreseeable future.  We contemplated organising parties for six – 6-7 lunches hosted by members for themselves and two other households – a maximum of 6 people at each.  All would eat at the same time on the same day.  But members were nervous at meeting indoors, and the weather would be against an outdoors venue.

Then on October 15, Essex went into Tier 2 – “High Risk” and all meetings indoors of more than one household was banned.  So that plan, and any hosted event was dead.

What could we do that wouldn’t clash with other clubs and could be organised quickly?  It was a challenge…. Yes, that’s it! – we’ll hold a Challenge!.

Not a formal quiz with masses of difficult questions, and ardent quizzers competing to be the winner and avoid the “wooden spoon”.  No – we’d do a FUN Challenge and take a different route entirely.

Fabulous Fun for Forty Folks

The brainchild of Member Roger Kettle, this would be simpler – for members to challenge their own knowledge – only 60 questions, 6 categories, all at £20 per person entry fee.

Why £20, not less? – because the objective was to raise money for End Polio and have some fun on the way – so, people can enter individually, or with partners, or with as many friends as possible, but everyone at £20 per person.  The more people in the team, the more we raise AND presumably, the more answers a team got right.

The Challenge could be done at leisure at home.  Final answers were given at our Zoom Meeting on 26th October, and are listed at the foot of this page.

Roger explained: “There are no Prizes, it is not a competition and there are no announced winners or losers.  It's just a fun way of challnging members general knowledge and intellect.  More importantly, since participants do not receive a benefit from entering, all proceeds will be eligible for Gift AID, adding 25% to our final donation to End Polio Now.

So, pay your entry fee(s) to Mike Ginn (transfer them to the club’s Benevolent Account) and you’ll receive the questions by email.  As Rotarians the Quiz is of course based on trust and we assume none of you would use encyclopaedias or google to help find the answers to any question, but if you did, you’d only be cheating yourselves!

I will give the answers at our meeting on October 26, our first meeting just after World Polio Day."

Answers to the Challenge:

Literature Posers

Alice in Wonderland; Tom Sawyer; Rudyard Kipling;John Grisham; Jack, Lord of the Flies; Merchant of Venice; HRH Prince of Wales; Martin Shaw (Professionals, Gently, Judge Deed); Tom Brown; Eeyore (Winnie the Pooh).

Town/Cities in Britain

Crewe; Fishguard; Bedford; Eavesham; Dumfries; Deal; Huntingdon; Newcastle; Leeds; Andover.
Name the Countries
Australia; Holland; Bolivia and Paraguay; Persia; Australia; Austria; Spain; Brazil and Argentina; The Vatican City; Sweden (221800).


Humming Bird; Badger; The giant tortoise; A backbone; Jelly Fish; 5 years; Alexander the Great; Rat; Humans; Guinea Pig.

Concert Music

Italy; St Cecilia; La Boheme; Guitar; Maria Callas; Harp; Aida; Adagio; Piano; J. S. Bach.

General Knowledge

236,000; Alexander Fleming; Bern; Ice/Cold; Mango; Ag; Blue, Yellow Green, Black and Red; La Manche; Paul Eddington; Vietnamese Dong.