Buckets for Malawi

Epsom Rotary organised a fund raising page on Just Giving to buy buckets and soap for Malawi. We raised over £2000.

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Buckets for Malawi Schools

Epsom Rotary organised a Crowd-Funding Campaign to help schools in Blantyre, Malawi to stay protected against COVID-19. 

Following an impassioned plea from Grace. a local teacher in Malawi, for buckets and soap to enable them to wash their hands properly, Epsom Rotary decided to go into action.  They set up a fund-raising page on JustGiving and publicised the request widely.  Even though the campaign only lasted a short while they raised over £2000 for the schools which allowed them not only to buy the buckets and soap, but also provided the local hospital with PPE.  One school visited by Epsom Rotarian Ruthie Markus had 2,000 children, only two toilets for staff and children and no electricity.  Needless to say they were overjoyed to receive the buckets and soap.

Ruthie Markus is head of the Charity AMECA and we worked through the AMECA charity.

Graces letter said:-

" I don't know whether this is possible but I will say it. I was chosen from my school to go for a training on COVID 19 so I can teach my fellow teachers and stakeholders and the community in BLANTYRE urban schools. And this means that schools might open soon. So I was wondering if it's possible for you to lobby some donors just for a small donation to buy some buckets to be used for hand washing and some soap since we have lots of learners in my school about 3 000+ and as such the buckets provided will not be sufficient. So if at all that's possible please help."