Incredible Edible in Brampton and Longtown

Community organisations coming together in both towns to plant fruit and vegetables in open spaces

Herbs and fruit bushes at Todmorden Health Centre

Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Brampton & Longtown are delighted to be working with residents and community organisations  in both Brampton and Longtown to set up a new community gardening initiative.  

At the current time they are bringing together many of the community organisations in both areas.

Based on the successful “Incredible Edible” model the aim is to enhance some areas of the town whilst introducing residents to the opportunity of growing their own fruit and vegetables.  

During the Covid 19 pandemic Food security has become an issue for many and the local community has come together over recent months to ensure that no one is left without nourishing food.   This new initiative can go some way to encouraging people to consider how they can help themselves and the wider community to have access to locally grown, readily available food.

Speaking on behalf of the Brampton & Longtown Rotary Club, Wendy Aldred said “ This is an exciting development for us.  Rotarians are always looking for new ventures to support in their community and the timing seems right to start this initiative.  We hope it will inspire people to help each other and start conversations about how the community might develop. 

Photo : Fruit bushes and herbs at Todmorden Heath Centre.  The movement originally began in Todmorden. 

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Background Information
The Incredible Edible story and ethos can be found here

A video of Incredible Edible in action in Todmorden can be found here

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