Redcar Boxing Day Dip 2020

Redcar Boxing Day Dip 2020



Boxing Day Dip 2020

This would have been the 51st Redcar Sponsored Boxing Day Dip but this year because of Covid we just couldn't hold a physical dip so we chose to go virtual instead and hold an socially distanced dip. 

The type of "dip" was to be up to the individual but could be an ice bucket challenge, under the garden hose pipe or in a kiddies paddling pool or whatever grabbed the imagination. It had to be on Boxing Day and in the spirit of the event had to be cold.

Sadly it just didn't grab peoples imagination.

However we became aware of an alternative dip completed on 23rd December at the National Maritime Aquarium in Plymouth by Heather Coston Williams who was raising money fro Redcar Lifeboat.

Redcar Lifeboat is one of our key supports providing valued expertise to ensure the safety of the Dippers. So we are pleased to say that we have donated £150 to Redcar Lifeboat on behalf of Heather.

You can read more about Heather's dip HERE

As for 2021 we will be back with our normal Dip on Boxing Day so put the date in your diary

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