Rotary Garden 2020

To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Rotary Club of Rothesay it was agreed that the Club would develop a special area at the Joint Campus to be known as the Rotary Garden.

Rotary Garden 2020

The Idea

To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Rotary Club of Rothsay it was decided that the club would create a project for young people and after research and discussions with the local Joint Campus it was agreed to develop a special area, to be known as the Rotary Garden, at the Campus.

The Background

In recent years the Campus has developed an area, formerly the library, which provides a refuge for vulnerable and underprivileged children who can get support both  mental and physical, (such as providing breakfasts to those who don’t get one at home), or just some time-out, away from the hustle and pressure of normal school life.   This area and concept, known as the Hub, has been highly beneficial to the pupils concerned and the staff would very much like to enhance the area by adding a small garden and seating area adjacent to the Hub.

Design Concept

To meet the above locational requirements the garden would have to be sited on a flat tarmacadam area which has inherent drainage, and no excavation would be permitted.  This all points to a stand-alone ‘roof garden’ type construction, ideally mounted on a decking base. The attached early sketches indicate first thoughts on the design. External boundary consisting of 1.8m long planters on top of which would be mounted 4’ high trellis secured by uprights supporting pergola type roof. Internal dividers would consist of3’ high trellis mounted on the planters, all providing a background to rows of permanent bench seating.  I have indicated some smaller non-boundary square planters, but these could be replaced by half barrels.

Construction and Support

The plan is that this will be a self- build project by Rotarians but Bute Sawmill and Estate have promised strong support and at least one local trader has indicated his willingness to help. 


The project has been costed at approximately £5000 with most of the funding coming from Summer fund raising events and hopefully a District Grant.

Update as at November 2020

With Covid 19 all development and planning meetings were put on hold in March 2020 and the whole project will be re-addressed when normality returns, hopefully by Spring 2021. The application for a District Grant as a contribution to the cost was successful.