Rotary Christmas Toy Box Initiative

Mon 23rd November 2020 at 2.58 pm - Thu 31st December 2020 - 4.58 pm

Provides children who have fled domestic violence and are living in refuge with a brand new box of books and toys. If you would like to donate £25 and give a toy box to a child this Christmas please go to

Rtn. Gill filling up the boxes

The following was extracted from an interview with ‘Kids Out’ Chief Executive Officer Gordon Moulds CBE and PDG David Palmer (Rotary Club of Barkingside), conducted by PP. Saumen Ray (Rotary Club of Calcutta).  13 November 2020

GM - “The amount of children we are looking after in the UK with mothers who have escaped serious domestic violence? It’s never less than 20,000 in a year. But of course, currently, because of Covid, all refuges are full. That’s because domestic violence has gone up by about 40%. That means there’s a lot of other women and children that have had to be put in ‘safe houses’. “

It is very important to understand ‘Kids Out’ is a Rotary charity. It was started by Rotary. With the lockdown we are just focusing on the refuge children - we look after children for their mental health. What ‘Kids Out’ set up to do is look after ‘forgotten children’ - the children that no other charity is looking after.

DP - ‘Kids Out’ and Rotary, across the country, are linked together to make this work. I’m involved with looking after the London area, District 1130, as only one of the ‘Kids Out ‘ Ambassadors and, I have to tell you it’s been a concentrated effort, but it’s probably been one of the nicest things I’ve been involved with since I’ve been in Rotary and I’m sure come December we will look back and say: “We’ve all done a good job”. 

GM – “I’ve never been so proud as I have been this year with what we have been doing”.

If you would like to donate £25 and give a toy box to a child this Christmas please go to

Thank you

Gill de Warren

Rotary Club of Battersea Park