Clean water - 2,500 Children/ Kenyan Water Wells Donation Process

Make these children Happy and Safe! Help deliver Fresh clean water for 2,500 Kenyan Schoolchildren by donating to this project. Donate here.

Make these Children Happy and Safe - Save them from impure unreliable water supplies.
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Donating to the Kenya Borewells Project

Help 2,500 Kenyan Primary School Children get Clean Water

"Everyone has a right to clean water and good health"

Said the note left by one of our recent donors with her donation.

Help make it come true for these schoolchildren in Africa.

We are using GlobalGiving crowd funding to complete our project and we need you to help us complete it.

Our Present Source of WaterThe Fundraiser is OPEN.

 Can you give just £5 so that these children don't have to visit the local stream for water in 2021?

With just a few days remaining to the end of the Christmas crowdfunding campaign on 31st December our success means that so far we have enough funds for nine and a half borewells.

BUT WE CAN'T BUILD HALF A WELL, so we appealed for help to raise the final £1,200 needed to build the tenth borewell by clicking on the button below for that amount, and you will be taken to the GlobalGiving payment page.

If 240 of us do this we can build #ONEMOREWELL.

Please help us by donating to our project for these worthy children before the Fundraiser ends this year.  .

Give a monthly donation (Minimum 4 months)

Give a Single specific donation

Give a Single donation - your choice of the amount

Thank you to all those who helped us raise money and win a prize by donating on "Bonus" Day December 9 and all of you who set up a recurring monthly donation (minimum - 4 months) during the Monthly Donor Drive which ran between Monday December 14 and Friday December 18.