We support charities even during this difficult time

Although the Rotary Club of Knighton and District have only been able to meet fortnightly online, they have still been actively supporting their local communities.

As Knighton Rotary President Margaret Thorp said today “A few of our Knighton members have carried out stewarding duties for the last five Knighton Community markets and hope to support the last one this coming weekend, all being well”. She added “We also are aware of the need of older members of our communities at what can be for some a lonely time, and we are donating to organisations that support them”.

The organisations that the Rotary Club are supporting are:

-      Churches Together to provide home delivered Christmas lunch for 40 pensioners 

-      East Radnor Day Centre Christmas lunch for their 35 members in Presteigne

- Julie Watts at the Black Sheep Cafe who will be providing home delivered Christmas lunches for those isolated individuals in Knighton

In addition, Knighton Rotary Youth Chair Sheila Smith said “The Knighton Silver Town Band has requested help in funding for musical instruments for their younger members and, as we are keen to support youngsters, we have donated money to help with that purchase. “

The Rotary Club has also donated to the Knighton Santa festival and to the Radnorshire Wildlife Trust in memory of Rotary member Clive Payne's wife Joan.

One international charity that Knighton Rotary Club has donated to is Village Water. As Knighton Rotary International Chair Robin Wayne said today “Village Water is a charity founded by a Rotarian in Ironbridge, and they work with villagers in Mozambique and Zambia. As the charity says - We work with district, provincial & national partners in Zambia & Mozambique and we support lasting, local solutions to reach everyone with water, sanitation & hygiene, leaving no one behind. We were very impressed when they spoke to us last year and are proud to support them again.” 

Knighton Rotary President Margaret finished off by saying “All our members send their very best wishes and thanks for everyone’s support in 2020, and we hope you all have as an enjoyable a Christmas as it is possible to have. We will catch up in 2021!”

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