Rotary Club of Internet & Innovation London Peace Envoys

This is a cause based Club that Promotes Peace Building and Conflict Resolution

Using the Internet & Innovation to Promote Global Peace and Conflict Prevention.

Rotarians in London are forming a new Rotary Club called the Rotary Club of I2 London Peace Envoys. 

The District 1130 Peace Committee has been working on plans to address the Structural causes of Conflict.  Having launched the United Nations and Commonwealth London Rotarian Peace Envoys in the House of Commons in March 2018, it has now established a new Rotary Club called the Rotary Club of I2 London Peace Envoys, which receives its Charter on 7th February 2021.  I2 stands for Internet and Innovation. The Rotarian Peace Envoys are committed to advocating service projects and Rotary programs that address the structural causes of conflict, namely: inequality, ethnic tension, lack of access to education, unequal distribution of resources, poverty, and detrimental activities that negatively impact the environment and climate.

Hence, this newly chartered cause-based Rotary club will promote Peace and as February is Rotary’s Peace and Conflict Prevention month, this presents an opportune moment to launch the club.

The club will also aim to promote business networking with Rotarians around the world. Some of the incoming members are experienced in social entrepreneurship, digital mining and clean energy projects. The club has already started focusing on promoting music related educational projects and has strong advocates for the UN Treaty for Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (UN-TPNW) which became law on 22 January 2021 as well as the Promotion of Gender Equality.

Members have signed up from Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Uganda, Italy, Canada, and of course the UK.

The Club has a strong leadership team and has been holding fortnightly meetings since October 2020. It has been mentored by Assistant Governor Sreetharan who is also Chair of the District 1130 Peace Committee. The Rotary Club of Westminster West has provided its full backing and its members attend joint meetings with the Rotary Club of I2 London Peace Envoys.