Ross Rotary support the NHS & Ross Community Development Trust

Sat 19th December 2020 at 8.00 am - Wed 30th June 2021 - 6.00 pm

The NHS have performed in excess of 8000 Coronavirus PFIZER Vaccinations to the Ross-on-Wye Community to date

Ross Rotary on behalf of The Ross Community Development Trust, organised volunteers from Ross Rotary, Ross Lions International and The Ross Community Development Trust to provide the required operational support to ensure patients were seem within time constraints imposed by the PFIZER Vaccine used

Working as one Volunteer Group for the benefit of the Ross Community

19th-21st December 2020 PFIZER Vaccination rollout 1 complete
7th-10th January 2021 PFIZER Vaccination rollout 2 complete
29th-31st January 2021 PFIZER Vaccination rollout 3 complete
3rd-5th February 2021 PFIZER Vaccination rollout 4 complete
11th&12th February 2021 PFIZER Vaccination rollout 5 complete
24th&25th February 2021 PFIZER Vaccination rollout 6 complete
3rd-5th March 2021 PFIZER Vaccination rollout 1.2 (2ND vaccination 'JAB2') complete
27th & 28th March 2021 PFIZER Vaccination rollout 2.2 for JAB2 complete
16th & 17th April 2021 PFIZER Vaccination rollout 3.2 JAB2 has been scheduled
24th & 25th April 2021 PFIZER Vaccination rollout 4.2 JAB2 is being scheduled

65 PFIZER clinic support sessions will have been provided by the volunteer team by the end of April
PFIZER Vaccinations run in parallel with the OXFORD Vaccinations rollouts at GP Surgeries

On the 10th of April the NHS (Taurus Healthcare) presented Thank you Covid-19 Vaccination Hero Award letters and badges to the majority of volunteers gathered for the occasion
Those not present or didn't receive their award will be contacted shortly.

If you wish to volunteer your support for future vaccination roll-outs, please contact Ross Rotarian below

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