Giant Advent Calendar

We are very grateful to the Ruby family in Parsonage Road for organising a giant calendar on the end of their house. A few of the "windows" are shown in the photos

Unfortunately due to Covid we decided it was in the best interests of public safety not to do the usual supermarket and street collections with Santa and his Sleigh . Earlier in the year we had already cancelled our swimathon and the Heatons Open Gardens event had to go "virtual" so this meant that yet again a major fundraising opportunity was closed to us . 

Much to our delight family Ruby stepped forward offering to use the end of their house in Parsonage Road as a calendar bill board .Every day in Advent a new window was "opened" which was sponsored by a local company or organisation .

The sponsorship money was all donated to the Lamplighters Christmas Charity fund and raised over £2000 .

The Lamplighters would like to thank the sponsors for their generous donations.