Goodwill Week 2020

Not even Covid could stop us!

Well, we made it! For 61 years our club has brought joy to the local community and Covid was not going to beat us - but it wasn’t easy!


 After months of planning and the intervention of our Mayor and the local Police Commander, we finally made it. So many things had to change this year though. There was no door to door collecting, no statics outside the supermarkets and we even used a lead car to announce Santa’s imminent arrival and yet even we couldn’t predict the response from the public, it was overwhelming. They came out to support us in their hundreds, with the vast majority respecting the rules on social distancing. The smiles on their faces said it all, as did the spontaneous applause – Christmas has come at last!


Their generosity didn’t stop there though. People still dug deep and donated money to our collection for local charities, which means that we in turn, can once again support these deserving causes at the end of what has been a miserable year for us all.

Special thanks must go to our Mayor Cllr James Hunt, who joined us on one of our evenings as we toured the streets of Erith and Belvedere. Also we need to thank all the volunteers who worked so hard to make this happen. It was certainly worth the effort.



We all have learnt so much from this year but one thing is for sure, the spirit of Rotary cannot be broken, whatever life throws at us. Well done one and all!


Bringing joy to our community in a time of crisis.