‘Thoughts on Old Prestwick and District’.

Old pictures of Prestwick wanted

Old Prestwick beach
‘Thoughts on Old Prestwick and District’

One exciting new Prestwick Rotary Club project is called ‘Thoughts on Old Prestwick and District’. This is funded through the Prestwick and Villages Planning Partnership small grants, South Ayrshire Council. A total of £500 has been provided to enable the Rotary Club members to prepare large interesting historical photographs of Prestwick, and display these around the town.

We will encourage folk to comment on these, and contribute some of there own memories. These memories could be about people, places or events, to be gathered together, to form one gallery exhibition of pictures, and recollections for all ages to share. An example is shown here of donkey rides on Prestwick beach in the non-too-distant past.

If you have any interesting old pictures of Prestwick, suitable to enlarge and display, please contact Mike Kelly 01563 830147 or email mkelly.builddesign@btinternet.com.